Why ProxyVote?


Independence and Integrity.

PVP is an employee-owned company serving as fiduciary to over 135 Taft-Hartley funds throughout the United States and Canada. We do not provide consulting services. We do not provide service to corporations or corporate funds. As a trusted fiduciary, our sole focus is voting our clients’ proxies to protect their participants’ and beneficiaries’ long-term economic interests.

Compliance-Driven Proxy Voting and Reporting.

PVP provides a cost-effective, comprehensive proxy voting solution. We are prudent, loyal, and impartial in our proxy voting. We combine our independent research methodology with state-of-the-art proprietary software to vote proxies accurately and consistently. We are informed, engaged and vigilant in our compliance with changing SEC and DOL regulations governing proxy voting.

PLUS Outstanding Client Service.

PVP is committed to providing the highest quality service at the lowest possible fee. As an employee-owned company we are committed to personally responding to client needs. PVP analyzes and votes all proxies according to our detailed proxy voting guidelines. Our client reports demonstrate compliance with our fiduciary duty and facilitate trustee monitoring.

PLUS Shareholder Support/Corporate Engagement

PVP has a demonstrated, long-term record of successfully helping Taft-Hartley funds engage companies to make them more accountable. Since our inception we have provided research, technological support and counsel that has facilitated our clients becoming recognized as thoughtful, influential institutional investors.